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Our Dedication

Randy Davis was an amazing man, but an even better father! Growing up, I used to think that he was superman and nothing could harm him. It wasn't until I was much older that I learned that he was "sick".

You see, he was a diabetic, but in my family it was pretty common for people to have this illness and nothing seemed out of place. We didn't think you were sick when you had diabetes. You just had "sugar" and that was that!  He was taking his insulin and living a normal life, so we never worried. But one day... it got serious. He was rushed to the emergency room because of a cut on his foot. He didn't even realize that it happened, and it caused him to develop a really bad blood infection. 

The doctors said that he had to lose his foot and maybe more. This was the first time that I'd ever seen him scared. I remember talking to him about the final decision to have a portion of his leg removed and asking him why he didn't put lotion on to avoid this. To my surprise, he responded that he did and had been doing so every night.

I was confused by how something like this could happen and decided to do some research. What I found was so shocking to me. I learned that most products on the market do not actually help your skin stay hydrated. Most products rest on top of the skin and really don't provide much of a benefit. My findings aligned with his story and I immediately went to work! I started experimenting daily and eventually created my first product, our All Natural Body Cream.

Until the day he died, he would tell me and the world how amazing the body cream is and if he knew about it in his younger days, he'd still have his leg. While my father is no longer on this earth, I am so grateful that Body By Dodi was able to positively contribute to his life.

I am dedicating the brand to my father and his story because what happened to him is happening in families right now! Change is necessary, and Body By Dodi is committed to helping families make better choices by offering products that make a difference. 

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