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Cleanser & Cocoa Butter Oil Combo

Cleanser & Cocoa Butter Oil Combo


Body Cleanser - Our All-Natural Body Cleanser is formulated to clean your body without the use of harmful chemicals. Our body cleansers work well on all skin types and help soothe irritation associated with eczema and other chronic skin conditions.


Cocoa Butter Oil - Our Cocoa Butter Oil is a natural moisturizer made with only the finest ingredients! We include all-natural un-deodorized cocoa butter and other amazing natural ingredients to promote skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of damage caused by dry skin conditions.

  • Combo Details:

    Cleanser & Cocoa Butter Oil Combo:

    • One (1) 8-ounce Body Cleanser.
    • One (1) 8-ounce Cocoa Butter Oil.
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